Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Secret to Finding Love

Love is pure.

Love is pure.

Every moment of your day (and night), your heart is speaking to you.

Do your daily actions and thoughts line up with your love life - or the love life you dream of?

People like to think they're always right about everything; that they judge others correctly.

But if ever you find yourself judging someone harshly, instead of that being "right," it's more often than not a sign that you lack understanding or empathy for that person.

Example: A woman presents herself as being highly spiritual, loving, warm, living life to the fullest.

But that same woman gets triggered to raging ugliness when it comes to any mention of Trump. Then everything is "black and white" with no middle ground or reasoned discussion.

Another woman is a "certified life coach" hoping to charge huge fees and gain clients and recommendations.

That same woman screams at the hapless high school senior behind the counter at the pet store... when returning a collar she bought for her cat.

Those same two women want everyone to think they're wonderful; image is everything, blah blah, but their actions reveal, at best, a struggle they're not winning.

And now for the worst example... a 3rd woman engages in backstabbing and sabotage to undercut another woman she doesn't like.

She speaks ill of her "rival" subtly, and secretly hopes to see this woman fail.

She thinks of herself as very evolved, though! And frequently tells other people stories to demonstrate how evolved she is.

Do you think any of these 3 example women are truly happy right now?

Truth is, it wouldn't take too much to plunge them into despair.

Just one thing would have to go wrong to unravel their world in a hurry.

It really all boils down to one thing:

Do you feel love for others; do you respect others?

Not just the ones you like?

Not just the ones who are "successful" in the eyes of others?

Do you open your eyes in the morning with love in your heart toward everyone...?

Can you overcome what "triggers" you, for your own sake and the sake of everyone you encounter every day?

If so then you're well on your way to a life full of love and happiness...

A pure heart finds love.


  1. I love how you think, Mimi! You seem to know just what we need to get thru our challenges in life. I just read Reverse Ultimatum. You gave me the strength to do the greatest good with the love of my life. You are very dear to me. Thank you!

    I thank yoi

  2. This is really beautiful, Mimi, and so true. Thank you for continuing to periodically publish on your blog, it's a gift that I hope others recognize.