Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weepy at Weddings?

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Do you ever get Weepy at Weddings?

It's hard not to.

This weepiness thing is getting out of control in some ways, though.

You know on Facebook? People share videos where someone starts crying.

And you're supposed to start crying too. Lots of people do!

This week, there was a video of a little girl who was crying because she was so happy.

Of course her Mom had to VIDEO the whole thing.

The little girls is not just crying a little... it's a lot. To the point that it really gets me, because this is some real emotional pain taking place.

I mean, these are "tears of joy," but they're still tears! A LOT of tears!

Mom keeps the camera rolling... PRICELESS, right?

Meanwhile, I'm thinking, this mom is kind of weird (translation: she's got a sadistic streak if you ask me).

(Should people post vids of their kids? Are kids really capable of giving informed permission to be embarrassed or identified on the internet for all time? Probably not. Payback will not be pretty. )

And there were hundreds of comments like "Awwwww!!!" and I'm thinking how horrified I am that this child is so upset.

When a child cries, instinctively it GRABS us and almost forces some kind of reaction.

And not just children, either. Right now, I'm taking care of a puppy. Speaking of crying!! (The puppy, not me. Yet.)

In the middle of the night, the puppy began crying pitifully, purposefully, loudly, and incessantly.

The little guy's tears drove me to action!

First I let him go for a romp in the back yard. He does his Puppy Biz. That must be what he needed!

But soon, back in bed again, I'm listening with wide eyes to more Puppy Tears!!

So I give him some more water, thinking that MUST be what he wants. I go back to bed again; the Piercing Puppy Crying resumes!!

So this time I try giving him some Puppy Food. Sweet Mother of Heaven and 50 Shades of Dog Breath, this works! Now he's a happy little fellow.

The fact is...

When someone is weeping, it grabs hold of us. Like this puppy - it's nature's way of making sure that his cute little pint-sized needs GET MET.

But what about this..... SUDDEN tears.

Those tears of YOURS that you didn't see coming.

You're watching a movie. Or you hear a song on the radio when you're driving.

Or sometimes it can happen just because someone says something nice to you. You reply back, then as you walk off, you notice that you're feeling tears. Feeling weepy. And maybe you don't even know WHY or WHERE those tears are coming from??

These are the tears to pay attention to.

These are the tears that tell you where your heart is right now.

Are you weepy at weddings? Weepy at proposals that OTHERS are getting?

If you are, then consider it GOOD.

It's when you STOP crying that you need to worry!

If you cry, it's good! It proves that you are soft and therefore lovable.

You haven't become a total cynic like a lot of people sadly have.

Giving up on love - that's what's sad.

But feeling weepy at weddings.... that shows you're still alive.

That love is in you. And that you feel your need to give and receive love.

Weeping is important and I wish you the tears that prove you have a heart of love!

Have a great day, and keep your Flirt on!

With love,
Mimi Tanner
Author of The Reverse Ultimatum: How To Make Him Realize You're the One He Wants To Marry

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